Home Inspection

Need a Home Inspection?

When buying a home, one of the most important questions to ask before the papers are signed is "Who should I call for reliable home inspections?"

"I've been in the construction/remodeling field for over 30 years. I started building homes, additions and remodeling with my brothers and have done it all my life" says Terry Batis, who is a Certified Home Inspector. "I've done everything from the footers to the mailbox and even built my own home. I know what to look for because I've done all phases of construction: framing, plumbing, sewage, electrical, roofing, and everything about the finish of the exterior, interior and landscaping too."

Terry was inspired to become a home inspector after years of experience finding and correcting mistakes made during construction or remodeling. He notes two reasons why an inspection is indispensable for a home buyer. First, he can alert buyers to potentially expensive problems and safety issues before a commitment is made. Second, an extensive inspection report can provide leverage to allow the buyers to negotiate the price as the report points out issues that either the buyer or seller would have to address.

House Structure InspectionA thorough analysis of the condition of the house: What is in good working order. What needs repair/replacement. What will need attention over the next few years.

The sale can be made once the home inspection is finished.

Get in touch with Terry Batis of Batis Certified Home Inspection today to find out what you are actually buying and the condition of your home as of the day of the Inspection.


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