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My experience: : Certificate of Completion of Home Inspection at Allied Business Schools, Inc 2014. I’ve been in the construction/remodeling field for over 30 years. I started building homes, additions, and remodeling with my brothers since 1978. David A. Batis Contracting & Design, a family business.

I have performed all phases of construction in building a home: cement, walks, patios, decks, steps, framing, windows, plumbing, sewage, electrical, lighting, drywall, wood flooring, ceramic tile, roofing and everything about the finish of the exterior and interior including landscaping as well.

Three reasons why my Inspection report is indispensible for every home buyer.

One: My Inspection report will alert the buyer to potentially expensive problems and safety issues before a commitment is signed.

Two: My Inspection report can provide you with leverage to allow buyers to negotiate the price as the Inspection report points out issues that either the buyer or seller would have to address before closing.

Three: My Inspection report will save you money and give you piece of mind knowing the current condition of the home and all the components.

Defects found in previous Inspections: Cracked roof trusses, burnt attic trusses that was not disclosed, roof shingles missing and or damaged, damaged chimneys, improper roof flashing, leaking roof, missing or no insulation in the attic, vent pipe issues, improper venting, cracks in windows, electrical outlet safety issues, cracks in fire place, water leaks, gas leaks, high water pressure, drains clogged, and numerous safety issues and concerns and fire hazzards.

Frequent Questions and Answers:

INSPECTION PROCESS: is a thorough analysis of the structural condition of the home at the time of the inspection and all its components.

What will you learn about your home from your Inspection Report: You will learn what is in good working order, what may need repaired or replaced, and what will need attention over the next few years. Some of the things I inspect are: foundations, grading, roof, chimneys, outer surfaces, doors, windows, electrical, sewage, plumbing, drainage, hot water tank, water and gas supply, furnaces, fire places, attic insulation, appliances, and AC and all their components.

How long is the Inspection Process and when can you do it? The Inspection Process takes about three to four hours long depending on the size of the home and or garage. I can do your Inspection usually within 3-5 business days after calling. 412-582-8989 The inspection costs starts at $350.00.

When will you receive your report? I will have your PDF file Inspection Report to you by email usually by 36 hours after the Inspection process is completed. It all depends on how many issues and concerns I find in your home.

Do you have to be there for the Inspection? You do not have to be there but someone else can take your place if need be. I will welcome any questions or concerns you may have about the house while I am there and I will answer them as best I can after I finish the inspection process.

Every house is different and every house has issues even new houses. I take pride in finding everything I can in the three-four hours that it takes to do your inspection. I take well over 200 photos while I do my inspection process.

What I need from you first is a phone call or even a text letting me know these few things: You send this information to

  • Inspection address
  • Your current address
  • Real estate agent or sellers name and number
  • A phone number to reach you at
  • The days you would like the Inspection done
  • An email address to send your PDF Inspection Report too.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have. Please give me a call to set up a day and time for your home inspection. You can reach me at 412-582-8989. You can also text me the information as well. Thank You!


Terry Batis

Batis Certified Home Inspection,.

Inspection Report Limitations

This report is the exclusive property of Batis Certified Home Inspection and the client whose name appears within, and its use by any unauthorized persons is strictly prohibited. The observations and opinions expressed within this report are those of Terry Batis and supersede any alleged verbal comments. I inspect all of the systems, components, and conditions described in accordance with home inspector’s standards of practice. The report is not intended for third party dissemination. This report shall not be forwarded to any other person, company, or legal entity without inspection company express written approval. Batis Certified Home Inspection copyrights this report, which is protected by copyright law.

It is ultimately your decision on what concerns you would like corrected. Keep in mind that if you do not get them corrected now the defects will have to be corrected in the future at your expense. It is not possible to detect every concern during a general visual inspection. Things are going to happen and this inspection in no way is a warranty or guarantee as to the condition of the property. Make sure to complete a final walk through of the property before the close of escrow.

This inspection does not include testing for radon, mold, termites and other wood destroying organisms, pests and rodents or other hazardous materials unless specifically requested.

I am always interested in advancing the quality of my service and my reports. I will welcome and value your input. I adhere to a high standard of professionalism and treat everyone with the utmost courtesy and respect. I take pride in trying to find out everything there is to know about your home in the three to four hours it takes to do my inspection process.

I am proud of my service and trust you will be happy with the quality of my inspection and report. Please contact me with any concerns you may have regarding this report. I will be glad to discuss and answer your questions with you. Please don't hesitate in calling. Every concern is a concern to me as well. Please visit my web page at: to leave me a review on how satisfied you are after you receive your inspection report.

Thank You!

Terry Batis 412-582-8989


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